The rise of Strategic Talent Management (STM) and Experience Communication has been visible for several years in high end business organizations and (semi-) governmental organizations.  Important incentives have been a clear long-term vision and the preservation of the knowledge-based economy.

In addition, the sustainable employability of people is key. The core of sustainable employability is the human aspect in work and organization. In the quest of finding this, the "six characteristics of sustainable employability" are a priority.

What role can the HR department play in this?

In short: sustainable employability is a big challenge for everyone. And there's only one way to tackle this enormous challenge: step by step.

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At an accounting firm partners were contemplating the idea of working at home at a regular basis, the so called ‘new way of working’. The word trust popped up in almost every paragraph of every policy, action plan and information brochure about this subject within their company. That’s why trust became a central theme in this conversation. What does trust really mean? And did the partners have a common idea on this concept of trust? As it turned out, the meaning, interpretation and value of trust were strikingly different to each of the partners.
Organizations will increasingly share their talent and together enable the so-called multi-jobbing. Although it seems to be a contradiction, committing and inspiring is often a lot more successful when people share and let go. 
According to bestselling author Daniel Pink, 'autonomy' is the strongest of the three intrinsic motivators people can have (Drive, 2010). The promise of the new way of working primarily lies in increasing that freedom; it speaks to the autonomy of colleagues. Organizations and managers can easily adapt to these new ideas and the financial costs are nil to none. 
Company fitness, running clinics and health programs within large organizations are booming business. There already is overwhelming evidence of its advantages. A study which surveyed depressed patients showed that the effect of exercising three times a week was just as effective as taking a large dose of antidepressants.

Further developing the expertise of employees is a challenge in which everyone can use some help. In the hectic reality of everyday life, the urgency of developing one’s own talents sometimes emerges to the background. Everyone could use a review of his own craftsmanship once in a while.
 "What is meaningful work to you?" Starting with this ordinary question, the MVO Netherlands conducted a case study within Vebego. The question was proposed in several layers of a company; from the cleaners all the way up to the Board of Directors. One important characteristic is to know the reason why you do this specific job. Perhaps this seems like an obvious question although that isn’t always the case.

Sustainable employability 
based on the article of Glenn van der Burg - MVO Nederland

The world around us changes faster than ever before; internet and social media make knowledge and information available everywhere. Society and the way people interact, live and eventually work change accordingly. Environmental changes, rapidly increasing commodity prices, and the neccessity to limit CO2 emmission defy us to not only think about new ways of supplying and use of energy, but also act on them. Fast.

Talent development and talentstrategy is key

Research shows that corporate companies are aiming full on talent management and talent strategy in Western Europe. No less than 92% of corporate companies has special targets for their internal talent strategy policy. Leaders of these companies want better trained staff and inhouse commitment to establish their ideas, vision and eventually growth or expansion.

Article HR Trends 2017: Talent management needs to become more strategic.