National program for young students from 12 - 21 years old

Topics: Give honest information about education and employment for craft orientated professions (hospitality, food-retail, technical).

Client objective: Awareness and promotion of job opportunities and professional careers within the sector, awareness and promotion of professional pride within the sector, making the sector attractive for younger and older students: secure young people through information and support.

Result: Over the last 15 years, over 50.000 young students in the mentioned age groups attended these one-hour, interactive, fun and informative workshops. Each sector gained significant increase of young applicants after they followed one of these workshops. Research has shown that 94% of the young students who attended these workshops, have a better and more positive view on the profession at itself and on working in the sector. They also made a more conscious choice for their career. This proves us to be successful for both the youngsters as well as for the different sectors!

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